Accolade White Margarine - 50lb

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Accolade White Margarine - 50lb

Specially developed for Cakes, Cookies, Icings, & Sweet Doughs

Manufactured from select vegetable oils and blended to produce extended plasticity and flavor. Classified in the industry as a "baker's margarine" or all-purpose margarine.

As an all-purpose margarine can be used in a wide variety of applications in the bakery or kitchen:

Danish Pastry - wide plastic range makes it a desirable roll - in margarine for Danish pastries. As such, it is
classified by the trade as a smear or spread type roll-in. It rolls out easily and imparts a mild butter-like flavor to the finishedrolls and coffee cakes .

Cookies, fillings, toppings, rolls - versatile product. It creams readily and is highly recommended for cookies and as a flavor enhancer in toppings, fillings, and icings. Excellent, also, for brown 'n serve rolls.

Pie Crusts - Provides a pleasing flavor in pie crusts. It can be used as 100% of the fat in the dough.

General Cooking/Baking - Can be used for general cooking in the restaurant or institutional kitchen. When melted, an
excellent wash for pie crusts, breads, rolls and pastries.

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