Brownies & Bars

We all know the undeniable emotion-evoking qualities of most desserts and baked goods. However, there is something especially unique about brownies and bars. These treats are ooey, gooey, delectable, rich, convenient, and have a consistent ability to make anyone and everyone smile from ear to ear. However, when you are running your own bakery, it can be difficult to find the time to whip up, bake, and cook every single recipe that you want to. You may need to dedicate a lot of your time to various other important measures. Luckily, we are here to help. 

We have several delectable brownies and bars that you could supply your bakery with to save you time, effort, energy, and even money. All of these offerings are frozen, but not to worry: that doesn’t mean that their flavors and consistencies are off or undesirable by any means! We pride ourselves on our delicious and high-quality offerings, especially our bars and brownies. For both brownies and bars, we have two of the most reputable brands available: David’s and Charlies. The brownie options we have available for your convenience are as follows:

     David’s Thaw and Serve (two 24-count trays each):

     Double Fudge Chocolate Chunk
○     Blondie
○     Pumpkin Blondie
○     S’mores
○     Chocolate Chip
○     Reese’s Pieces

     Charlies Specialties (four 5-pound trays each):

     Chocolate Chip
○     Ice Cream 

As for our bar options, we have one of the most classic options that are impossible not to love: David’s Lemon Bars. These bars come in two 24-count trays like the other David’s Thaw and Serve offerings. No matter what you and your customers need out of your bakery’s brownies and bars, we are happy to meet your demands and beyond.