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Stover & Co. is a Family Owned and Operated Bakery and Confectionery Supply Distributor

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How do we do our business pricing?

At Stover’s we take pride in offering customized, direct to customer options in the bakery and candy industry. Not all businesses have the luxury of a large distributor right around the corner, and for that reason, we have developed a unique strategy for business account pricing in an all-online format.

Although we do not have a predetermined price list, we customize the best value for each of our accounts. Each quote starts at wholesale pricing and only gets better! For large and recurring purchases, we offer greater discounts, but we work with each customer to find the right value that works for you, because at Stover’s, we take pride in our partnerships.

If you are interested in learning more about special pricing on larger orders or more frequent orders please see below.



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Personalize Quoting Option

We understand that not everyone does business during our staffed hours or wants to work via email and phone calls. We offer a great solution for almost instant special pricing.

On each product and cart page we offer the "Add to Quote” option. This allows our customers the ability to customize a bulk order with precise quantities and specific products sent directly to us. There is space for additional information that you want us to know which can include how often you may want to repeat an order or other specifics. Our team reviews the quote and replies via email with a direct link to checkout right on the website. The quotes reflect discounts and may include customized LTL shipping details if the order qualifies.

This is a great way to access our customer service and special pricing anytime—day or night. Keep in mind that while we do not set limits on quote orders, those under $400.00 are not eligible for discounts except on certain qualifying products.

Learn more about our shipping options for businesses.

Good Old Fashioned Over the Phone

Sometimes you have just go old school and pick-up the phone to get the job done. We do most of our business over the phone with our larger accounts. At anytime if you would like to discuss business options, please give us a call. We are more than happy to talk to anyone. Our customer service number is (724) 274-6314 or click the live help option.