Butter & Cheese

Depending on who taught you how to bake, you may have heard that butter is the solution to most of our problems in the kitchen. It is something that you can count on to make everything better. Flavors come through more, consistency is smoother, and cakes come out light and perfectly fluffy. Even if you did not get this sort of advice as you learned to bake, you would have still learned about the role that butter and other dairy products play in cooking. Butter & cheese are incredibly important ingredients in the kitchen and can shape the way that almost every single one of your products come out. Imagine trying to create a light, flaky croissant or a warm biscuit without butter, or traditional danish without cheese. Many types of cake like red velvet and carrot cake are best paired with a cream cheese frosting, which provides just the right balance of sweetness and tanginess to make the dessert perfectly sweetened. 

One of the best combinations you could ask for in a kitchen is butter & cheese. These two ingredients come together beautifully to enhance the flavor of your baked goods or create the sort of consistency you want in your desserts. This includes all different kinds of butters and cheese as well, since recipes may call for unsalted, salted, or even sweet cream butter. You want to make sure that your kitchen always stays well-supplied with these essential baking ingredients so that you can make everything from cakes and pies, to croissants and danishes. Whether you were trained to place your butter on a pedestal or to use it simply as needed, you will always be glad to see that you will have more butter or cheese in the refrigerator.