Ask anyone to name some desserts or baked goods, and you already know what one of the first answers will be. Cakes are an absolute staple item in a bakery, no matter the time of year. People use cupcakes and cakes to celebrate all of the biggest milestones in their lives like birthdays, graduations, and weddings for good reason. They bring people together to share in something sweet and indulgent as they celebrate a special moment together. If you are going to run a bakery, you are going to need cakes, and lots of them. You will want some in different flavors and you will need to have plenty of them ready to go at all times to serve up at any given moment. 

On a normal day in a bakery, you might have to serve up some spice cakes with the morning coffee, cupcakes for the office party, and a large birthday cake for a Sweet 16. You can make things much easier for yourself by purchasing prepared cakes, ready to go. Just pop them into the oven and add your cake decorations to customize them for the occasion. Then get ready to see them flying out the door. We have a wide range of cake flavors at Stover & Co to help you stay ready for any order. Crumb cakes, cake rolls, layered cakes, cupcakes, etc. So just pick out the flavors you know your customers will love and get ready to start the day off right.