The way that your baked goods look plays a large role in the decision-making process of your customers. Part of the appeal of these treats is how they look. As great as they might taste, people want their baked goods to also look the part and get them excited to take a bite. This is certainly true for treats like special occasion cakes that are meant to be enjoyed during a celebration of some kind. People want to look in awe at the feat of culinary expertise in front of them before taking a piece. A large part of decorating your treats is in the use of color. With the right food coloring supplies, you can create any shade you can imagine and decorate your products to be perfect for what your customers wanted. 

A special form of food coloring is candy oil colors. This is an oil-based coloring used for dyeing substances like candy melts and chocolates, which are also oil-based. You need to use candy oil colors when working with candy melts because ordinary liquid dyes will not combine well and cause textural issues. These candy oil products allow you to transform any compound chocolate into the exact color you needed for your project. Just add a few drops of the colors you want to your melted chocolate wafers and mix the ingredients together into one consistent color. You can then use your freshly colored candy to create all sorts of treats such as cake pops, petit fours, chocolate dipped pretzels, and more.