While having the right supplies and proportions of the correct ingredients is important to creating the most delicious desserts and other baked goods, it would be a massive error on any baker or pastry chef’s part to not think about what comes after the baking. You need to ensure that your baked masterpieces aren’t going to go stale or get wrecked! Not only do you need to be sure that your baked creations are kept from becoming stale or smooshed, but they should also be properly displayed all at the same time. This is where cookie trays and domes come in handy. 

Cookie trays are an ideal piece of equipment meant to perfectly hold and display your cookies (and other delicious treats, like truffles, if you so chose!). Our silver trays are sublime examples of the finest options for keeping your many cookies in one beautiful and convenient place. Our silver cookie trays come in three different sizes: 12”, 16”, and 18.” All are flat and round shapes, and each package comes with 50 trays in total. 

But, what about keeping your cookies or other sweet treats safe from becoming stale, crushed, or ruined? In come the domes. We have three size options of plastic domes: 12”, 16”, and 18”. This means that any one of our cookie trays can be perfectly protected by our domes. Each dome size also has a unique design to it, but that won’t take away from its transparency. They are called “ClearView” for a reason, after all! These also come with 50 domes in each package. No matter how your customers take your cookies home or how you display them in your display case, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe and sound with the help of cookie trays and domes