For many bakeries, cakes are in constant demand for birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, engagements, graduations, and so on. They are always there when people have reason to celebrate and enjoy life with their friends and family members. For anyone working in a bakery, this means that it is essential to stay supplied with anything you need in order to produce these baked treats consistently. Of course we are already well aware of the ingredients such as flour and sugar, but what we are more likely to neglect is the packaging. In particular, the smaller packaging elements can be easy to neglect as you are checking inventory and stocking up on cake boxes and cake domes. 

One packaging element you will want to remember are your corrugated pads. These are placed at the bottom of your cake boxes and are used to support the cake and provide a nice, smooth surface that your customers can easily cut up slices of their cake. You want your corrugated pads to be strong, affordable, and available in neutral colors to present the cakes well, which is exactly what we provide here at Stover & Co. You can easily stock up on these non-perishable bakery supplies and make sure that your kitchen is always ready to dish out the most beautiful, best-tasting cakes to your customers. The last thing you want keeping your cakes from reaching customers is a shortage of packaging, so make sure you stay supplied and ready to go.