When you think of a light, flaky, and sweet treat, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Your answer must be croissants. These buttery and delectable pastries are second to none and, as a baker and a person with tastebuds, you can undoubtedly agree and know just how justifyingly popular these delicious treats are! 

That is why you should always have croissants on deck, ready to go at any given moment in your bakery. You certainly never want to tell your customers that you don’t have any croissants available when they ask for them! There is potentially nothing more heart-wrenching than that. 

However, we know that you might not have all the time in the world to make them. That is where we come in to assist you (and your hungry customers) in always having these flaky goodies in stock. 

At Stover & Company, we are proud to provide our baking professional customers with frozen croissants. Our options include chocolate-filled, pre-formed pinched butter croissants, pinched butter croissants, mini butter croissants, strawberry and cheese-filled, and cheese-filled croissants. 

And don’t be misguided in believing that “frozen” instantly equals “low quality.” All of our frozen croissants are from popular brands, like Pillsbury and Prime Pastries. Therefore, you can depend on these frozen treats to bring you high quality and high flavor. 

These options also come in varying weights and counts. The Pillsbury pre-formed pinched butter croissants are 3.75 ounces and come in cases of 96. Pinched butter croissants from Pillsbury come in cases of 120 and weigh 2.75 ounces each. 

Looking for smaller options? Consider our Pillsbury mini croissants that are only one-ounce each and come in cases of 270! Or are you searching for options with strawberry and cheese, chocolate, or cheese inside them? These are 3.8 ounces each and come in 96-count cases. 

No matter which option you choose, you will undoubtedly be supplied with the best croissants to satisfy any customer’s croissant request!