Who doesn’t love a classic cupcake? The simple idea that you can fit a slice of cake into a more convenient shape and size with the right amount of icing, frosting, and/or decorations is easy enough to adore. However, one issue that befalls bakers and pastry chefs alike is ensuring the cupcakes keep their intended shapes and forms from the oven to the consumer. When they don’t pay special attention to this principle, the cupcakes can fall apart and become a mess instead of keeping their adorable, delectable, and convenient shape! 

That is where cupcake inserts come in. Our inserts assist you in keeping your creations from tumbling apart, getting smooshed, or other such mishaps during transportation and before they reach the customers’ mouths. However, these inserts come with a few extra advantages on top of keeping the cupcakes safe from harm. The inserts are also two-sided reversible, so you can pick the right color for you, the cupcake box, and even your customer. There are finger cutouts as well with each cupcake hole in order to ensure no fingers-- whether they are placing the cupcakes in or taking them out-- will disturb the structure and decorative features of the cupcakes. 

Plus, the cupcakes will fit snuggly in these holes, whether the cupcake insert boxes are made for just one, two, or six cupcakes. All of our offerings come in 100-count, meaning that you can protect either 100, 200, or 600 cupcakes after just one purchase! When you are looking to best protect your cupcake creations for your guests to enjoy elsewhere, you certainly need the assistance of cupcake inserts along with cupcake boxes. We have just what you need to ensure the desirable cupcakes stay safe from bakery to hand.