The way that you present your treats to the public can greatly influence whether or not they are going to come back for more. A well-packaged, beautiful display of your baked goods can win people over and make them more excited to purchase from you again, knowing that your bakery pays attention to little details and wants to create a nice presentation to the customers. All of these smaller details go noticed and appreciated by customers, so you want to do what you can to impress your clients from the first glance to the last bite. A popular way to dress up your packaging is by using fresh white paper doilies. They act as a base in your bakery boxes or domes to create a smooth layer under the baked goods. These are especially popular in orders of cookies or assorted pastries, which are meant to be shared with multiple people at a time. 

You simply place your white doilies at the bottom of the container and place your baked goods on top. It is a quick and easy way to add an extra touch of design and detail to your presentation. They are traditionally made with a lace detail around the perimeter, but can also have a smooth or scalloped border instead. They come in different sizes to fit the containers and are easy to store in bulk quantities since they stack up so neatly, occupying little space in your storage. These inexpensive, decorative liners belong in any bakery to improve presentation on every order they accompany.