Eclair & Cream Puff

When customers head into any bakery, most of their eyes instantly feast on the display case and its contents. While admiring the edible pieces of art, several options stand out to them amongst the others: the classics. There are two classic pastries that nearly everyone loves from bakeries, as they are flaky, doughy, soft, filled with delectable cream, and exceptionally satisfying: the eclair and cream puff. These two pastries are beloved by nearly everyone that has a sweet tooth, as they have indescribably unique and satisfying flavors for all to love. 

But, for bakers, these can be exceptionally tedious and aggravating to make, especially when they have numerous other tasks at hand. That is why we have taken on the challenge of providing you with ready-to-go eclair and cream puff shells. Our frozen shells will make your life exceptionally easier, but will not dissatisfy your customers or their cravings. Our shells are still delicious, flaky, light, and airy, no matter if they are filled or not. They are bound to satisfy anyone who bites into them! 

We have various options in sizes and amounts for you to choose from. For eclair shells, we have:

     Regular eclairs shells: 1.25 ounces each / 72-count
     Mini eclair shells: 144 count
     Mini filled eclair shells: 144 count 

As for cream puff shells, we have slightly different options:

     Regular cream puff shells: 1.25 ounce / 60-count
     Mini cream puff shells: 144-count
     Mini filled cream puff shells: 144-count 

No matter which option(s) you opt to equip your bakery with, your cream puffs and your eclairs will undoubtedly be the talk of the town and keep your customers coming back for more!