Just as much as you need to have the right ingredients in a bakery to create your treats, you need to also have the right supplies. A baking essential that should be as clear as day is none other than plastic film. Film & foil are important materials in a kitchen and serve an important role of securely wrapping and preserving the ingredients or dishes you have. Quality plastic film should allow you to wrap up anything you were working on and set it aside for a later time. You could use film & foil as lids for bowls you are working with if you want to preserve the flavor inside and keep it protected from any contaminants. 

This material is especially helpful when it comes to preserving fresh ingredients throughout the day or overnight like produce or dairy. You can use this thin but durable plastic film to seal your produce to preserve the freshness and integrity of your ingredients so that it will still be ready for use when you are ready to get started. They can even hold up and retain their elasticity under freezing temperatures so they can be used for food in the freezer as well. As a baker, you should be well aware that the quality and freshness of your ingredients greatly influences the quality of the final product. So it is best to keep everything you are working with as fresh as possible to see the best results in your baked goods. Pick out the film or foil in the sizes you need and keep your ingredients fresh.