In a kitchen, you want to be prepared for anything that might come up at any given moment. This means it is important that you stay stocked up on any supplies necessary at all times. A common type of bakery supply is any kind of foam product. This can cover a wide range of products such as cake boards or containers, but foam products have certainly earned a reputation in the kitchen for being a useful kind of material to work with. Foam is naturally resistant to grease and oil, so you do not have to worry about oils soaking through as they might with paper products. This is especially helpful when packaging up fried treats like donuts or funnel cake. 

Foam is lightweight, versatile, and easy to store away for later use. You can use it for hinged containers to package your baked goods, as trays to serve your customers their treats in the shop, or even during the decorating process as a cake board to support your cakes. You can use your various foam products to handle a wide range of needs in the bakery, making them highly useful to keep around. As you stock up on packaging products and other non-perishable bakery supplies, you will definitely want to strategically choose your foam products to find items that will provide you with the most benefits.