Fundraising | Stover & Co

Over the years, Stover & Company has partnered with K-12 schools, community organizations, and charity groups to help them realize their fundraising goals. Stover & Company offers a wide range of bakery supplies that are available for your organization’s customizable fundraising opportunity.  From chocolate to frozen pies, Stover & Company has a great selection of sweets and a friendly staff ready to help see your fundraiser succeed.

What is product fundraising?

Product fundraising is a common way for non-profit organizations to raise money. We partner with your organization to sell our products to family, friends, and neighbors while you keep a portion of the revenue.

How much time should I give my sellers to fundraise?

Most school fundraising groups sell for two weeks. Be sure to include at least two weekends in the selling time.

Do you require a minimum school fundraiser order?

We do not require a minimum on any order.

How is my order shipped?

If your organization is located in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio, your order will be delivered free of charge on our own climate controlled trucks.  Orders outside of our network will be shipped with a partner company.

Please call our customer service at (724) 274-6314 for more information.