IQF Frozen Fruit

Individually quick frozen fruit, also known as IQF, is fresh fruit that has been frozen either in its whole form or more often in slices and chunks. This is a way to preserve the integrity of the fruit while making it much more convenient for you to use. IQF frozen fruit is easy to store and maintain for an extended period of time in your freezer without worrying about them expiring as quickly as refrigerated fruits would. This gives you more time to work and play with them in different recipes, all season long. Once you take them out and start preparing your next baked good, you will notice them immediately regaining all their plumpness and moisture, bringing out the fruity flavors you love. 

Something that makes IQF frozen fruit so special is its ability to maintain its texture, color, and flavor after being rehydrated and cooked. You can still taste the distinct flavor of the fruit and get the texture you are used to from every single bite. The fact that they are typically cut up into slices and chunks before freezing also helps to make it easier preparing them and it allows you to bite into each piece of fruit as if it had been cut up fresh from the market that same day. Having a variety of IQF frozen fruit in your kitchen certainly helps you to prepare a wide range of baked goods in your kitchen from pies and turnovers to cakes and donuts. Pick out the fruits you work with the most often and keep your freezer stocked with fresh and tasty fruits, all ready to go.