Wherever there is a reason to celebrate, cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats are not far behind. We often use cakes to add to our celebrations and make the eent all the more joyous as we share food and sweets with our friends and loved ones. If there is one thing that represents celebration, it's shimmer. If you can add shimmer and sparkle to your baked goods, you are truly living up to the celebratory energy. And with edible Luster and Tinker Dust, you absolutely can. Luster Dust and Tinker Dust are two forms of sparkle that you can use on your baked goods for decoration to make them shine and look more exciting. Our edible Luster and Tinker Dust are perfect for shaking right over freshly frosted cupcakes, brushing gently onto cakes, or using more meticulously with stencils. They are made with food-grade ingredients and are perfectly safe to consume on your baked treats. 

These fun sparkles are easy to use when cake decorating and provide you with plenty of impact for little effort. They come in small, easy-to-store containers and can be sprinkled, brished, or dusted onto anything you are working on to add color and shine instantly. There are lots of colors to choose from, so you can grab a range of colors that you know will be in demand for your cakes. Our edible Luster Dust is a fine powder that delivers a beautiful shimmer to anything it touches, while the Tinker Dust is perfect for adding lots of shine and sparkle to your work. Pick up all the colors you could need for your baked goods and get ready to make things shine.