Muffins are the typical cupcake-shaped baked pieces of bread in a muffin pan. They are usually made with sweet or savory batter and are a perfect snack to have when you're at work or to pair with your afternoon tea. These lovely easy-to-make and serve goodies are everyone's favorite and are a must-see in your bakery. On a good day, consumers would love to take home a muffin after a long hard week or pack a dozen for a road trip. These may not be specialty snacks for your business but there's just no way you won’t have them on your food shelves every day. 

So, to ease your schedule, Stover & Company is offering to help you keep your shelves updated with these little tasty treats. We have predeposited blueberry muffin batter which you can bake into goodness whenever needed and there's also a scoop N Bake variety so you can have as many goodies as you like. If you're looking for a reliable supplier who can meet the demands of your consumers, Stover & Company might just be the one that you need.