Before your carefully crafted baked goods can make it into the hands of your customers, you first need to wrap them up in the appropriate packaging. Although it is easy for a baker to get fully caught up in the baking and decorating process, it is highly important that you also keep the packaging in mind since this will allow you to actually transfer the baked goods over to your customers. Bakery packaging greatly varies based on what you are trying to wrap up, but for the most part, you can find some form of plastic containers that will meet your needs. We offer containers in all shapes and sizes to store different types of baked goods. These include different counts of cupcake trays, cake boxes, loaf containers, smaller deli containers for assorted products, pie containers, and multi-purpose containers that can be used for any kind of baked goods that fit. 

You can find plastic containers that will fit and securely hold your baked goods in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that you will want containers to fit all of your baked goods, so that will likely include a great variety of packaging. To address this need, Stover & Co offers a wide range of containers that you can look through to find the exact ones you need for all of your pastries, cookies, cake slices, cupcakes, etc.