Stovers Sweet Shoppe

Introducing our own brand of premium products at affordable prices for all of your baking and confectionery needs!


From our family-owned business
to your kitchen


After 73 years in the baking and confectionary industry, we've launched our own brand of premium products.

At Stover & Co, we are not only passionate about quality products, we're passionate about providing top notch customer service you can count on.


Our premium coating wafers are available in four delicious flavors that each offer excellent shine & consistency for optimum coverage. Plus, there's no tempering required with our easy to melt wafers!

Available NOW at a Discounted Introductory Rate

“I am so thankful for
Stover’s Sweet Shoppe Sprinkles!
I use a TON of rainbow sprinkles and their blend is not only bright + colorful but it holds up great
in my cake dough for cake pops!”



"You are going to LOVE Stover's Sweet Shoppe coating wafers! Acts exactly the same as our favorite brand. Ultra White is not as sweet and still a shade brighter!"



"All I can say is
I AM OBSESSED with this product!
These coating work great for my cakesicles...
Why use anything else?"



Thank you for supporting our
family-owned business.