You should always remember to get the essentials! Make sure your shelves stay stocked with all of the wax paper and liners you use for your baked goods on a regular basis. Wax paper is a long time staple for presenting your baked goods at a counter and wrapping them up securely before handing them off to your customers. It is non-stick and resistant to moisture so it helps to keep your freshly baked treats to stay crisp and crunchy. While wax paper helps when facing the customers in the storefront, liners are essential materials for the kitchen. Pan liners help to protect and preserve both your baked goods and your equipment. They keep the food from adhering to the pans and falling apart, while also potentially damaging the pans and trays you use daily. Carefully line your trays and keep all of your products and supplies intact. You can use butcher paper in a similar capacity, but it is largely meant for wrapping foods to preserve and present them to customers. 

All of these paper and liner products serve their own important role in the kitchen and should not go underappreciated. These are supplies you will use daily, regardless of the exact treats you will be preparing for the day. Supply your kitchen with everything it needs to run properly and keep wax paper and liners in stock consistently.