Whoopie Pies

With the combination of basic ingredients like flour, cocoa, eggs, and other dry ingredients, you'll be able to make a classic recipe for light and fluffy whoopie pies. However, that's going to involve a lot of work, especially if everyone wants a dozen of these marshmallow fluffs from your store. These gooey chocolatey gobs of fun which are also often called "Big Fat Oreo" or simply "BFO", are a must-have in every bakery. It's everybody's favorite sweet treat which is why you must stock your store with these if you want to accommodate your customers. 

At Stover & Company, we understand the demand of the consumers as well as the supply needed for your bakery. We have a great selection of whoopie goodness from classic chocolates, red velvets, pumpkin whoopie, strawberry, vanilla, banana, and orange cream whoopie pies. Order from us today and let us help you keep your shelves updated.